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Monday, July 28, 2014

Easy Halloween Sponge Painting Ghosts Craft

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Here's a simple Halloween idea for preschool. Make ghosts with these simple sponge shapes. These look like the Pac-Man ghosts. Use a variety of colors for fun. Visit the great craft site below for the full details on this cute idea.

Family Education

Halloween Coffee Filter Pumpkin Craft

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Toddler Jack-O-Lantern Art Project

Here's an original Jack-O-Lantern craft idea. Use a pumpkin face template and colored coffee filters for the eyes and mouth. Follow the link below for the full tutorial with pictures.

Kids Activity Blog

Halloween Bat Silhouette Painting Craft.

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Great idea for pre-K or kinder

This bat silhouette painting is dramatic inspiration for Halloween. Use a bat stencil with bright paints on dark paper. Very cool. Follow the link for more.


Cool Halloween Chalk Bat Silhouette Craft

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Chalk Art that is a Bat Tracing For Kids This Halloween

Use black paper, a bat template, and chalk to create this cool negative image effect. I like silhouette crafts like this spooky bat. Follow the link for more.

U Design

Halloween Pumpkin Seeds Jack-O-Lantern Collage Craft

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Pumpkin seed jack o' lantern mosaic

Use painted pumpkin seeds to create a cute Halloween Jack-O-Lantern collage craft like this with your kids. Just glue in place. Visit the site below fore more details.

Activity Village

Simple DIY Halloween Ghost Craft

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Pottery Barn Ghost tutorial

Here's a simple ghost decoration for your Halloween event. Te main materials are Styrofoam balls and cheese cloth. Follow the link for the full details on this Halloween decoration.

Olive and Love

Halloween Character Treat Boxes

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Recycle toilet rolls into cute Halloween character treat boxes like these. Paint them to look like a ghost, cat, pumpkin, or other character. Follow the link for the full tutorial.

Homemade Mama

Halloween Paper Plate Witch Craft

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holloween easy crafts for kids | Crafts For Kids For Halloween - Emperor Kids

This paper plate witch craft is perfect for preschool. Paint the face green and add hand print hair, eyes, and a hat. Fun and cute. Follow the link for more.

Emperor Kids

Halloween Mini Marshmallow Ghost Recipe

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Use frosting and mini marshmallows to create this cute and sweet Halloween ghost recipe. Follow the link for the full recipe and directions.

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